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We’re confident that we offer more of what you need—and want—than your current light company. Unlike our competitors, we want you to get the service that suits your home and lifestyle best. Compare our featured energy services like 70 hours of free electricity every week to your current provider if you don’t believe us.2

Nights Free Electricity Get more free hours.2
Green Energy Products Cut your carbon footprint today.
Competitive, Fixed Rates Avoid pesky hidden fees.

Looking to make an energy price comparison? We can also help you compare your current electricity rate to US and Texas averages. Who knows? Maybe you’re paying too much. At any rate, with Amigo Energy, you can rest assured that you’re getting competitive electricity prices and a transparent contract with no hidden fees.

Switch Electric Companies and Switch on Quality Service

You may have noticed a lot of electric companies offering a ton of plans and services. But not all light companies in Texas are created equal. So which one is right for you? At Amigo Energy, we want you to trust that you’re getting a custom energy plan at a good price—not just a quick fix that’ll cost you more down the road.

As a residential or commercial customer, you’ll enjoy competitive rates, flexible contracts, and personalized plans that give you the power to choose what’s best for you. When you switch to Amigo Energy today, you’ll switch on the power of convenience and affordability.

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Cheaper Electricity Ain’t Always Worth It

Transparency vs Hidden Fees

Most retail electricity providers market to consumers using eye-catching special offers advertising cheap energy. These offers might work for you in the short term, but in a lot of cases they end up just being more hassle than they’re worth. Why is that exactly? First off, with a lot of energy plans, your rate is subject to the whims of the market. Secondly, most electric rates don’t bundle Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) fees into your rate, so it can end up costing you more than advertised. With Amigo Energy, you can pick an energy plan that bundles TDSP fees into your rate. Don’t be fooled. You deserve the transparency that comes with Amigo Energy—one of Texas’ best electric companies. Our energy plans feature:
  • Competitive, fixed rates
  • All charges included on select plans
  • No hidden fees

Renewable Energy vs Fossil Fuels

Does renewable energy seem out of reach? The story we all hear is that fossil fuels are way cheaper and more plentiful. Most people don’t realize, however, that renewable energy is cheaper3 and more available than ever.4 But is it worth the extra cash? It’s a fair question. Think about it, though, fossil fuels are not unlimited—someday they’ll run out. Because of this, fossil fuel prices will continue to rise, which means you’ll probably continue to pay more. And, honestly, there is very little difference between fossil fuel and renewable-energy rates these days. Affordable electricity doesn’t have to pollute our planet. Why not give it a shot? It’s easy and affordable to go green with Amigo Energy today. With our Green Energy Plan and JustGreen product, you get:
  • Up to 100% renewable-energy credits
  • A significantly lower carbon footprint
  • Competitive fixed rates

3Accessed 9/19/17:

4Accessed 9/19/17:

Reliable Tech vs No Tech

Have you ever forgotten to send your bill in the mail? For a lot of non-Millennials, this was a common experience. What about being on hold for what seems like a millennium? Sound familiar? That’s what you still get with most retail electricity providers: bad tech or even no tech. What does an electric company with good tech look like? To start with, they offer a sleek mobile experience, user-friendly desktop access, and other responsive, digital ways to remain updated and get service. Cheap electricity comes with a cost. When it comes to affordable energy optimized with smart technology, Amigo Energy is the best electric company in Texas. Here’s just some of what we offer:
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Convenient web portal
Get better service today. Call 888-331-8871.

Big Energy Savings Are Just Around the Bend

Saving energy has never been easier when you choose the right light company. Lucky for you, Amigo Energy specializes in helping our residential and commercial customers save energy, which can help save you some extra bucks on your electric bill at the end of each month.

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Energy Savings Tips

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Customer Service That’s Quick out the Chute—and Helpful

In addition to having a healthy dose of Texas pride, we also pride ourselves on providing friendly customer service. Amigo Energy customer service comes in a variety of convenient ways—from our mobile app and desktop portal, to our US-based call center with over 500 customer service agents. No matter which type of Amigo Energy customer support you choose, you’re sure to get the service you need in the time frame you want it. 

500+ customer
service agents

customer support

What the Heck Is Energy Deregulation?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only Texan scratching their head. Light companies like Amigo Energy operate differently than utility monopolies in other states thanks to Texas retail energy laws—giving you the power to choose your electric rate and contract terms.

If you’ve been trying to wrap your head around the basics or even the nitty-gritty details of energy deregulation, we’ve got some resources for you. Click below to read a short history of energy deregulation in Texas and learn why you should choose Amigo Energy as your electric provider.

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1Offer currently available to TX customers only. Must call before 12 PM CT to get same day installation. Must have Advance Meter. Other Terms and Conditions apply.

2Offer is available to Texas residential customers. Plan bills $4.95 base charge, energy charge including Transmission and Distribution charges each billing cycle for all hours. Usage consumed between 9 pm and 7 am daily is credited on your bill. Terms and conditions apply. Rates quoted are based on 35% usage at night.