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I need electricity for my business.

18 Years And Counting

From the start, we have proudly served thousands of Texans with better rates, reliable service, and customer support they could count on. Now, 18 years later, we’re continuing to look forward to the future by bringing you the personalized electricity experience that you and your family deserve.

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Your electricity. Your Way.

Win la Lotería de la luz with plans that fit your home and your budget.

Los Simples

Stay on budget with convenient and affordable fixed-rate plans made for every kind of lifestyle.

Los Extras

Enjoy great rates with perks like cash back or added rewards just for being our customer!

Los Gratis

Get free nights or weekends with plans that give you more energy without the extra cost.

  Need Electricity For Your Business?

With affordable rates and flexible energy solutions, let Amigo Energy power your business.

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The Real Reason Texans Choose Amigo Energy

“Up to this date they have provided me with great service.”

– Felicito V., Houston TX

“I feel secure and understand what I’m paying.”

– Meiling P, Houston TX

“Low energy rates, and very clear, accurate advertising.”

– Susan V., Houston TX


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¿Hablas español? ¡Nosotros también!

Llámenos cuando nos necesite: nuestro equipo de Texas está siempre aquí para ayudar.


Find Your Perfect Electricity Plan

We get it – not everyone speaks Spanish! But don’t worry, your Amigo is always ready to assist. Here are the English versions if you need a little help with the translations!

1. Tu Compañía De Luz – Your Electricity Company. 2. Preferida – Preferred. 3. Favorita – Favorite. 4. Amigable – Friendly. 5. Local – Local. 6. Win la Lotería de la luz – Win the electricity lottery. La Lotería is a traditional Mexican game of chance, similar to bingo. 7. Los Simples – The Simples. 8. Los Extras – The Extras. 9. Los Gratis – The Freebies. 10. Hablas Espanol? ¡Nosotros también! – Do you speak Spanish? Us too! 11. Llámenos cuando nos necesite: nuestro equipo de Texas está siempre aquí para ayudar. – Call when you need us – our Texas team is always here to help.